Hello! And a little history...

First off, welcome to Designing Healing! I'm Brita Loeb, MSW and I am beyond excited to share with you the power of design and aesthetics to elicit positive human emotion and behavior. Not convinced? That's okay, explore my site, read the Healing by Design field guide, and let me know your questions or concerns. I would love to engage with you in thoughtful discussion!

Designing Healing is my new baby. I am not a mother (though I do dote on my cat, Sir Peter), but- like a baby- I am so thrilled to see how Designing Healing will thrive, grow, and have some bumps and falls along the way.

The concept for Designing Healing started in my Juvenile Justice class in grad school, in which my class was tasked at re-imaging the juvenile prison system through an idealized solution. My group and I decided to re-design group homes to foster healing through impactful aesthetics and thereby reduce incarceration for youth.

I didn't want to stop there. What other spaces could be redesigned- libraries, community centers, corporations, healthcare spaces, therapy rooms? Upon doing research, however, I realized it's not just about aesthetics, it's also about the design process as a whole.

Designing Healing is founded on five principles that we can all center in our lives: agency, collaboration, cultural humility, reflection, and safety and trust. Designing Healing asks that you take a pause and think about these principles and how they create more trauma-informed, healing-centered, and equitable spaces, services, and ideologies.

In this blog, I will go more in-depth on those principles and offer my thoughts, inspiration, and resources. I hope you enjoy this process as much as I do! Thank you for your support, and together we can heal by design

The Juvenile Justice class project that started this all!


And so it began...

My fur baby, Sir Peter

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