Designing Healing will work with organizations, architects, and interior designers to improve non-traditional spaces of healing through a comprehensive design process built on agency, cultural humility, reflection, trust, and co-creation. Designing Healing offers personalized strategies and aesthetics to meet the needs of corporations, nonprofits, and individuals. The process includes: 




Conducting meaningful community focus groups 

Creating power maps of stakeholders

Integrating burgeoning aesthetics research that contributes to a design's function and its users' psychology 

Defining challenges based on people's needs and feelings, the individuals served, the design mission, and overall importance

Critically analyzing the renovation space based on movement, sequence, frequency, and activities

Understanding an organization's collaborators and their needs, values, interactions, and identity  

Prototyping designs and journey mapping

Choosing conscientious furniture, wall color, lighting, noise levels, accessibility needs, temperature, layout, access to nature, and scale